What a week

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It's been an eventful week in my corner of the world. Currently, it's 2 a.m. on a Saturday morning (Friday night) and I'm sitting up for some reason. I'm tired, but don't really feel like going to bed.

On the Cub front, just hours after I wrote in the last post how I thought there were slim chances of meaningful changes in the Cubs front office, Andy MacPhail resigned. I just happened to be watching the game because it was the last game of the year, and I managed to transcribe MacPhail's exit press conference with the media.

I think I unfortunately wasted one of my fifteen minutes in doing so, but we had a huge traffic spike on Goat Riders at the beginning of the week and I'm hoping it represents a bit of a step up in traffic. Before this week, we had been averaging about 600 - 700 visits per day, but we've been nearly 1,000 the last three days of the week, and there hasn't been anything going on. Late Sunday through about Tuesday, we were buoyed by strong traffic from the MacPhail resignation and Dusty's dismissal on Monday. During that period, we saw about 5,000 visits.

This week, the forums at hprots.com also got hacked as well as the page at goatcasting.org. This led me to upgrade the movable type installation because it may have been the source of the security leak. This upgrade did not go well and I got to sleep about 4 a.m. on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Plus, I was already very tired from just normal irresponsibility. So, the week seemed to pass in a sleep deprived blur.

I am flying to California tomorrow (today actually). I am excited to go see my new niece (Samantha Rain Villa). Her pictures are absolutely adorable... plus it will be good to see Kyliah and John again.

Also, last week I hinted at big *secret* news, but the secret has been spilled. Myles and Anne have announced that they will be getting married next June. I am super-thrilled for them, and a little depressed that it seems like I'll never meet that special someone... Oh well.

Other notable occurences this week: I am done with CPA classes WOO-FREAKING-WOO-WOO. Oh how much I hate those things. Now, all I have to do is pass the blasted exams. Also, I sold another advertisement for my websites and have a commitment from one more advertiser who suddenly went incommunicado. Hopefully I'll get payment from the second advertiser during this upcoming week... because I "banked" on both advertisements being sold and went out and joined a gym on Tuesday with the money. Today, after work I went for the first time. The gym is pretty nice, but most importantly, it has a 24 hour pool. I swam about five laps before I felt pasted... which just shows how badly I'm out of shape. I dickered around for a few more laps, but I'm itching to go back again. I haven't swam in almost two years and I'm reminded how much I like swimming.

Alright. I hope the laundry is done. I am wearing my next to last pair of clean underwear and would rather not go to the laundry-mat in California.