Crunch Time sans urgency

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Well, I should be stressing out right now... but I'm not. I have my first CPA exam on Thursday and I'm completely unprepared. It will be a minor miracle if I muster the requisite 75% to pass, and yet I'm pretty much resigned to not even trying. I don't know why... but I really do actually.

The only reason I want to be a CPA is to tell people I'm a CPA and to get a bigger paycheck. I guess that's probably the only reason most people want the designation, but it hasn't been so appealing that I've actually felt like working hard for it. Maybe that's why I can't bring myself to study or care. Of course I'll be right pissed at myself when I have to pay for the exam again... but I'm sort of in a hazy world of not caring right now.

I should have spent my day studying, but I didn't even crack open a book, and the five hours I set aside yesterday to study had about a 20% efficacy rate. I swear that I'll study tomorrow, but who am I kidding? The Bears play at noon.

In other news, I got a new cellphone earlier this week. In a stroke of fortune, my work is paying for the phone and I have been placed on their corporate plan. I'm guessing I'll save about $30 a month... so I signed up for a gym membership at the beginning of the month. The economics of the gym thing are favorable too because although I'm presenting the two things as related here, the decision to sign up for the gym membership was really independent of the phone thing.

The gym is cool. I hope I actually stick with it on a regular basis for more than a month or two. The reason I picked it is that it has a 24 hour pool in addition to the normal gym stuff. I've been a half dozen times in the last few weeks and really like it so far. I do enjoy swimming.

Ooh, almost forgot. In my endless search for things to do other than studying for the CPA, I started reading a book on Friday called Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction by David Kuo. It's excellent. I'm about 130 pages in, but its a really interesting story about a young Christian who was interested in politics and how he wrestled with the disconnect between partisan politics and his own faith... and how partisan politics generally won out. Anyhow, it's good. Check it out.

Aight, Grace and Peace my neighbors.