28 Great Times at Twenty Eight

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1. Singing HMS Pinafore with Brian Baum on the way to Detroit and winning a $10 bet
2. Saying goodbye to Nate and Kelley Taube before Ecuador
3. Hallelujah! with Emma Vis and the Apollo Choir
4. Line dancing with Mandy Kistler and Liza Alvarez at DC's Country Junction
5. Genesis & Exodus Bible studies with Mary Rodriguez, Stephan, and Jessica Gombis
6. Andrew Peterson concert in Elmhurst with Kathy Bernahl
7. Watching the river turn green on St. Patrick's Day with Andy Foreman
8. Dancing the tango at Enye for Mari Bolyanatz' bday
9. Watching the Cubs from the rooftop with Jill Hornok & Mel Vanden Berg
10. Fire game in Toronto with Kelsey Mays and then hanging out for four hours at a Burger King in Woodstock, Ontario on the way home.
11. Finding out that Laura Wolff is crazy good at drinking games while celebrating Jake Hogan's birthday at Tedd Hawks' place.
12. Beach volleyball with Mehran
13. Grilling at Keystone with Bill and Katie Smiljanich
14. 90s Party for Lindsay and Tyson Capel at Brian & Maria Hodapp's
15. Desperately trying to buy Yuengling in Pittsburgh before all the Alcohol stores close with Dave VanderZee
16. Breaking into abandoned blast furnaces with Charlie Galik and Brady Martinson
17. Breaking into Gretchen Schmidt's apartment with John Park after a weekend at the lake.
18. Climbing the Himalayas in India with Wyatt Clarke & Adam Baldocci
19. Riding bicycles across Wisconsin with Alicia & Brian Stien
20. Beignets at Grand Lux Cafe with Eric & Emily & Kelley
21. Laura Nelson's pool party in Glenview with Lex Bolyanatz & Jon Foiles
22. Tailgating at the Fire game with Joe & Leslie Wright
23. Hanging onto an inner tube for dear life with Ryan Hansen as Katie Rabe tried to kill us.
24. Sleeping on the shore of Lake Superior under the stars with Arash Rah
25. Conspiring to inebriate Adam Claus at Uptown Lounge
26. Slow dancing with Mandy Zachmeier at her going away party
27. Apple picking with Kristin Bush
28. Visiting Kyliah & John in Minneapolis and getting to hold Silas, Samantha, and Andreu.

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