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Here's some wisdom.

LaSalle Street Church - Sermon from March 6, 2011
Not Your Last Chance to Tell the Truth - Senior Pastor Laura Truax

Would telling the truth force you to face your doubts about God? Would telling the truth force you to examine closely the fears that you really have about God? Does somehow - do you think that if you opened up the deep freeze and you took those questions and those doubts that were frozen way in the back, now crusted with ice, do you think that if you opened the freezer and took those out and let them defrost that it would be be too much? That this little teeny shred of faith that you're holding on to would just crumble and evaporate in your hands and then what would you do? Where would you go?

Is that maybe one of the reasons you don't tell the truth? Because you can't bear to have your faith examined? Because you don't think God can handle it? Oh man. If you're thinking that, mark this day, because that God is not the God of Jacob. That God is not the God of David and Nathan. That is not the God that had Abraham go all the way across country on a promise. That is not the God that Jesus goes to the cross bearing the sins of the world for. That's not the same God!

If you really think all your intellectual rigor is going to be too much for that God? If you think you have too much going on in the inside, too much depression, too much failure, too many times where you're just sitting in the gutter? Too many of those moments, where you just kept saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry?" You think God can't handle that? Then your God is too small. That's not the God. That's not the God of Jesus.

So count yourself lucky if you're willing to articulate your doubts and your questions and your fears and your insecurities and all those ways you think God is not enough for you, because that's the beginning of a whole different experience with the living God. You can tell the truth to this God, this God of David, father of Jesus. He can stand up to anything you can throw down.