Happy 3rd Birthday, Lily!!!

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My doggy turned 3 today. Granted, her birthday is approximate, but every dog needs a birthday, so I thought about the dates that would work as a good birthday for her... and then I realized I knew her real birthday. July 7, 2007. 7/7/7... you see, she's a lucky dog, so that had to be it.


To celebrate, we went on our normal afterwork walk. We met up with my mother and walked her to the bus, and then we walked all the way to the Grant Park Dog Bark where we played for a while before walking home. When we got back, both dog and human were thoroughly tired, and just a little wet thanks to a thunderstorm rolling through the city.


For one last something special, Lily is enjoying gravy with her kibble tonight... and she loves gravy!


So - Happy 3rd Birthday Lily!