Lily - two weeks

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Two weeks ago, I brought Lily home from PAWS, and things are still going pretty well.

She's still behaving well, and is learning a number of commands. She loves "up" (standing on her hind legs and putting her paws on my thigh) although she's been known to come "up" without a command. I believe she understands "down" (get off), but is decidedly less enthusiastic about it. She's getting very good at "sit" and is pretty good with "come". We haven't worked on lay down yet, or wait, or some of the other commands.

On the food front, she's still a rather picky eater. I am pretty sure she just doesn't like the Science Diet. She really loves cheese, so mixing in some cheese with her kibble works. I've also tried some meaty gravy "mixables" that do the trick. Regardless, she's an uneven eater, but she eats when she's hungry, and she's not going 24 hours without eating like she did last week.

During the work day, she's still staying in the bathroom. She is very excited to see me when I get home, but leaving her one of my shirts during the day has her happy enough to leave the hand towel alone. (As seen in the picture below, she's a USC fan.) Otherwise, no other destruction to report. Also, a good omen is that I left a Kong full of cheese in the bathroom one morning, and when I came home, the Kong was in her dog bed, so she obviously picked it up during the day, which bodes well for me to eventually teach her fetch.

This week, we've taken to meeting my mother after work and walking her to her commuter bus. On Monday, Mom said, "for a dog, she's okay." By Friday, I think there was some genuine affection (on Mom's behalf.)

Today, we went back to the vet for Lily's second round of shots. (It was expensive!) The vet checked her anal glands and had to "manually express" them, which is a fancy way of saying that she's still having some problems. So, I will need to do some research on the issue. From my initial reading, it sounds like I can "manually express" her glands myself when necessary.

After the vet, Lily had her second bath today. (She will need a bath again next Saturday, and then we can start on the normal bathing pattern.) I also remembered to rub in the moisturizing lotion. Again, she was very well behaved, and shook much less than she did last week. Anyhow, after the bath, she curled up in her dog bed to sleep off the bath, and I snapped a picture.