A tale of two governors...

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I am deeply frustrated with the governance of our country. Both the Federal government, and many of the state governments are run poorly. Politicians have learned how to game the system to accrue personal power, wealth, and prestige, and the citizens have failed in their duty to be vigilant and vote out the clowns who are constantly defrauding tax payers. However, not every elected official (they're all governors in the lower-case sense) is doing a poor job.

From the WSJ, an example of a Governor with an understanding of the role of government, and the gift of visionary leadership. Also, another article about a Congressman who maybe doesn't quite measure up to My Man Mitch.

• Mitch Daniels - The Coming Reset in State Government
• John Murtha - 1st ballot inductee to the Pork Barrel Hall of Fame

Mitch Daniels, another testament to Hoosier sensibility.