And you thought I was crazy

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The Interwebs are alive with the sound of human interest!

The identity catastrophe of Clark Rockefeller - It's a bizarre world out there.
• For Mom - What is a Grape Nut?
The Obamas go out on a date

The Clark Rockefeller story is just bizarre. The Grape Nuts story is probably only interesting if you or someone you know really likes the cereal, and the Obama date story is off-putting. First, I don't like the gotcha-style of journalism. The President is the President and if he wants to travel anywhere, it's crazy-expensive. So I'm not upset at all with the Obama's, even if a date to New York is a bit extravagant for a DC couple. That said, it's the current reality that a President must travel with such an entourage that is disheartening. In other words, I don't find the trip itself appalling, I find the need for such complexity disheartening.

In other news, I would like the world to be simpler, but I guess it isn't.

Mood: Suprisingly good for a Monday. I guess I'm well rested.
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Fire: Lost their first game of the year 3-0 to FC Dallas yesterday. First place in the East with 21 points, trails only Chivas (24) for the Supporters Shield
Cubs: Lost 8-2 to the Dodgers yesterday. I left in the sixth inning - disgusted. 25-24 on the season, 4.5 games behind Milwaukee