The Financials are posted

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"The Financials are posted."

Four of the sweetest words in my life. Four times a year, my job involves assembling financial statements for all of our investment funds, portfolio investment information for all of our investments, and a limited partner statement for all of our limited partners (375 documents this time around). It's not a one-man show by any stretch of the imagination, but the heaviest burden has been mine for the last two years... and many, many hours are spent getting all the details right. Then, finally, on deadline day, we stop making changes, and we post the financials.

Posting day is almost always stressful, but they always end so well. No matter how rotten the day was, the mere fact that the financials have been posted plasters a smile on my face. I can go home, secure in the knowledge that we can move along to the next round of stuff.

Today was a late day at work, in fact I'm writing this as I wait for our email system to process the massive email batch that distributes the documents... but once the last one is out the door, well, I'm getting for a Jamocha shake to celebrate.