Goodbye, Samantha

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Dear Samantha,

We're very sorry that we had to leave so early and didn't get a chance to say goodbye. We love you very much and will see you later this summer. Until then, please enjoy the pictures of our wonderful weekend.

Uncle Byron
and Baga
Minneapolis Skyline
Downtown Minneapolis from the park - May 24, 2008


Samantha at the park, playing with 'baby.' - May 24, 2008


Samantha telling 'baby' about the rocks in the river. - May 24, 2008


Samantha and 'baby' in the backyard, posing for the camera. - May 25, 2008


Samantha, John, and Kyliah
Samantha, John, Kyliah, and L.U.B. taking a stroll in the park. - May 24, 2008


Dad, Mom, and Kyliah
Dad, Mom, Kyliah, and L.U.B. posing in front of the swings at the park. - May 24, 2008.


Byron at the park with the Minneapolis skyline in the background. - May 24, 2008