Springtime in Chicago - Week in review

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It's springtime in Chicago. My beautiful baby awakes from her dreary nap and comes alive once more. Yes, it's still chilly. Yes, it's rainy, but the sunlight is stronger, and my sports teams are in season once more. Yeah!

Saturday: Fire @ RSL, watch party at Villains.

Sunday: Church at LaSalle street church. More on that later, perhaps.

Monday: Year end financials posted. Praise be to God! I hate the first quarter.

Tuesday at 00:00: A toast to the second quarter. Probably five drops of rum, 8 oz of seven-up.

Tuesday at 08:00: Feeling like crap. It was honestly no more than a tablespoon of rum.

Wednesday: Small group at Clarke's on Lincoln. Cool name, iffy service, expensive french fries.

Thursday: Fire vs. NE Revolution. Four-nil She-Ca-Go! Old Style? still awful. PBR, even awfuller.


Friday morning: Feeling good sort-of. Stomach can still taste PBR.

Friday mid-morning: Insanely busy at work... don't even have time for my bagel... and my poor tummy.

Friday afternoon: Meet Joe at Bacci's pizza followed by Cubs vs. Astros. Cubs fall 3-4, the weather was cold, but the sun was magnificent!


Friday evening: The email says I have to go in to work tomorrow to send out K-1s? But I already filed my taxes! Can I at least have my half-day of vacation back? Oh well, Blades of Glory came from Blockbuster today.