Annoucements of the Overlooked

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This thing used to be almost a personal diary, but now people read it... and so they're getting news about me from it, which is great, except when I forget to mention major things on it and then there's the awkward pause as I explain something that I failed to mention.

Previously unreported happenings in the life of Byron
• In January, I had lasik surgery. I no longer wear glasses and aside from the occasional dry eye, have been very happy with my slightly better than 20/20 vision.
• Two weeks after foster-adopting Joy and George, I took them back to the shelter because my place just wasn't big enough for them and they were destroying things I didn't want destroyed. The program was a foster to adopt thing, so I just took them back rather than finalizing the adoption. I occasionally miss them, but not very often.
• I started a new website called Torben Reviews where I review the things I do in life. The point of the site is for me to make money. So far, I've got $1.22 in revenues after about two months.
• I bought season tickets to the Chicago Fire this year. They cost me $200 for 20 games. Not bad. Soccer rocks.