Lucky Penny... or idol?

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I'm watching American Idol right now. It turns out the show is pretty easy to watch and blog at the same time. So, I'll put down an idea that went through my head today.

What is a lucky penny, or a rabbits foot, or some random memento? The thought came about because John McCain is a very superstitious person and talks about his lucky penny on the stump. In fact, a quick google turns up this article about McCain's superstitions.

[McCain] keeps on his person a lucky compass, a lucky feather, a lucky penny and, at times, a lucky rock.

I think these items could be construed as idols if McCain actually puts his trust in them... and I don't understand the point of carrying around so much jetsam if he doesn't. I have a few mementos that I keep to remind me of things. I put no faith or trust in them, so there's clearly no idolatry involved... and I might not even notice if they went missing.

When McCain once misplaced his feather, there was momentary panic in the campaign, until his wife found it in one of his suits. When the compass went missing once, McCain assigned his political director to hunt it down.

Hmm... A final thought. Two weeks ago at my Perspectives class, our speaker made a one off remark that "there is a demon behind every idol." He also said, "Demon possession occurs much more frequently when idol worship is involved."

I'm not presenting conclusions. I'm not even sure I'm ready to embrace the logical conclusion of my thoughts above... but it's interesting food for thought.

p.s. I can't believe they cut that politician kid on Idol... he totally should have made the top 24. Also, 'The Australian Guy' is named Michael Johns. He'll place second or third in this competition. You can mark that down.