Opening Day 2007

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It's been a good day that feels more average than good at this point, but I've got a soul smile, so that's what's important, no?

The Cubs opened up their season in Cincy, and got beat 5-1 on the back of two Adam Dunn homeruns. I waited lunch 'til 1:10 and was able to watch most of the first four innings, and then listened to the rest of the game at my desk as we scrambled to shovel several million dollars out the door.

Anyhow, despite the loss, it felt great to watch baseball and to be emotionally invested in the game. There's a certain joy about getting angry when an ump rules that a guy went around on a check swing when he CLEARLY did not. Jeez! What was that guy thinking? Did you see that pitch! Holy moly, he's really popping the mitt today.

These are the things I love about baseball. It's a rhythym that makes life familiar and comfortable. Baseball is the backdrop of summer. Baseball gives a daily meaning to the rise and set of the sun on long summer days. The first pitch heralds warm weather, the last pitch feels like a slow tortured death. If I die of natural causes, it will probably be in early November. Baseball is one part of life that gives clarity. Life is complicated with shades of grey... but baseball isn't. It's either good for the Cubs or not. Ahhh! A breathe of fresh air. Hallelujah!

Also, in an overlap of winter and summer, the March Madness finale was played tonight. I watched the game in the basement with Jarrett, Nate, and Adam... it felt good to watch the Gators dominate. It was the kind of win that doesn't leave a lot of room for denial. The Gators are champions again. That's pretty sweet in my book.