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Every week, my home group does something called "high low." We go around the room and everybody in the room tells about the best and worst thing that has happened in the last week. But, since it is Sunday and I already know my "high low," I'll share.

High I bought a condo. Woot! Yep, after much thought into where I would like to live next, and some thought into the budgetary aspects of what I could afford, I (somewhat impulsively) bought a condo five months before I needed to move.

First, I'll backtrack and say that I haven't actually bought the Condo. I wrote an "ernest money" check on Saturday and have until next Saturday to rescind my offer/acceptance (or whatever fancy contract language you want to use.) But, the condo I chose is "off the market" and I can buy it if I choose at a set price and all I still have to do is arrange financing. That financing will be much more than I originally planned to spend, but the allure of owning my own place is quite strong.

The "Condo" is small. It is actually a studio apartment (421 sq. feet) located in the heart of the Loop (at Lake and Wells). It is approximately a twelve minute walk from the building to my work. Additionally, every CTA line (except the Yellow) has a stop within a four block radius of the building. The unit I am buying is quite high up, so hopefully I won't be bothered too badly by the trains running by.

Another good thing is that there is a current tenant in the Condo and that person's lease runs through May 31... so I will continue to live at Keystone until early to mid-June. This part has my current roommate happy. (Of course I'm hoping a previously sold unit comes back onto the market so I can buy a slightly larger studio. This would mean I move in early to mid April... but it would give me an extra 30 sq. feet.)

Low Bears 17, Colts 29. Frown.