Opening Day

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Today is Opening Day of the baseball season. Perhaps one of the most optimistic days of the year. I can't wait for things to get swinging.

Of course school is going to kill me over the next few weeks. Uh oh, lab is closing. I'd better make this short.

Mon: Team Meetings & Baseball games
Tues: Team Meetings & Trader competition for one class.
Weds: Auditing Exam... haven't started studying.
Thurs: 2 papers.
Fri: Four Cubs baseball games to catch up on.

This past week: the Pope died. As a protestant, I guess I shouldn't care. But I do. Its had an interesting effect on me and I've felt a burden to pray for Catholics and the Catholic Church as well as the larger body of Christ. I'm praying the new Pope is a man of God, and has a scriptually based theology. We'll see.

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