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Over lunch, my boss was telling me how her husband's brothers had once convinced him to call a teacher a scrotum, because that's how you tell a teacher you really like her. To which, I answered by telling the story of "tais toi."

Tais toi is french for shut up. Myles and I knew this, Wyatt did not. Wyatt was annoying. So, we got our revenge by telling him to shut up whenever we felt like it, and then told Wyatt we were simply calling him T-3, which was short for Theis #3.

It didn't make a lot of sense, but that's what we did, and Wyatt wasn't stupid, so he cottoned onto the fact that something was amiss... but he was short on resources to find out what we were actually saying. After some months of this, Wyatt decided to email Kyliah, who was in Spain at the time, and inquired as to the true meaning of tais toi.

Of course, Wyatt let us know his plan because we were sure going to be in trouble when Kyliah delivered him from our persecution... so Myles and I got into the email account when Kyliah responded and printed out a doctored copy of the email for Wyatt, which of course explained that tais toi simply meant T3, and his brothers must of been calling him that because he was Theis' third brother. We were geniuses!

Wyatt continued to be smart and checked the original email, thus exposing our game, and learning that we'd been telling him to shut up for the past three months. It was a terrible day for older brother oppression... but not quite as bad as the day that Myles and Wyatt both decided ranks in the ByronLand army were not as worthwhile as I had led them to believe... but I digress.

Anyhow, upon hearing my story, my boss chuckles and exclaims, "That's what's wrong with your family! Nate's brothers get him to call his teacher a scrotum, and your family hazing involves foreign languages and doctored emails!"

So there, I now know what's wrong with me.

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