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Go Cubs Go!

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The Cubs clinched a playoff spot on Friday night. I'm excited about another trip to the postseason, but that excitement is tempered by a fear that this team just isn't good enough to go very deep. Of course, if I were a Cardinals fan last year... and look what that got them.

Anyhow, August/September in my life went by pretty fast. I was whining about what's next a few entries ago... and apparently the Chicago Fire is what's next. I've been attending a few matches of late and going to watch the away matches at a Fire bar called the Globe Pub. Soccer is a really enjoyable spectator sport that combines the best of all sports. The games last almost exactly two hours, so they aren't the unbearably long 4 hours that NFL and college games typically go. All that downtime in football is replaced by nearly non-stop action, plus a good bathroom break. The downside of course is low scores... but as I learn the game better, the nonscores become pretty darn exciting too.

Hmm... what else? Not sure really. Gmail has frozen up on me as I try to send emails to all of my advertisers and convince them to pay up for another year.

I'll try to write something more substantial soon.


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